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Dialogue with Rula Jebreal

Rula Jebreal is an award-winning journalist, foreign-policy expert, educator, screenwriter and author. She serves on the G7 Gender Equality Advisory Council and dedicates a lot of time and energy to raise awareness about this topic.
She was born into a Palestinian family in Haifa. However, due to the difficult circumstances, was raised in an orphanage from the age of five years old. This orphanage was founded by Hind al-Husseini. Rula dedicated one of her books "Miral" to this chapter of her life, which was later successfully put on screen.
She won a Media Watch award for her coverage of the Iraq war and by the age of 33, earned the international Ischia Award for the best Journalist of the Year.
In this interview Rula shares about the challenges she had to overcome on her way to the position she holds today, problems of biased Media coverage in the World, rights of the women and her new book "The Colors of Change".