The world is like a collage

The contemporary artist Hazem Harb was born in Gaza, in 1980. He began his studies in Palestine and in 2003 received a diploma in illustration and design of children's books. In 2005, Harb moved to Rome, where he studied at the Rome Academy of Fine Arts, Italy, and received a bachelor's degree from the European Institute of Design in Visual Arts.
Hazem is a visual artist, in his works he reveals the Palestinian identity, exploring the problems of the diaspora, border changes and the consequences of resettlement. He has an interesting research approach: combining old photographs and archival materials into a single composition. In this way, the artist shows the continuity of the existence of his people both physically and culturally, despite the past and present.

At the beginning of the year, Hazem Harb's exhibition "Dystopia is not a noun" was held at Tabari Artspace in Abu Dhabi Art. These new works, created during a period of deep pain, serve as an act of resistance and an acute documentation of Palestinian pain. The use of charcoal in this series is not accidental, it is of great importance, since the black coal dust echoes the harsh reality prevailing in his homeland, in Gaza. Harb's play of form and content goes beyond the canvas, encouraging viewers to delve into deeper layers of his artistic expression.
Photo from Hazem Harb