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Dialogue with Omar Sartawi

"Some people fight with guns and bullets and bullets are loud, but you can fight with art, fight with beauty and it’s louder than bullets."

Today the guest of the Dialogue is a person definitely thinking outside the box. He used to call himself a cook but we would call him an artist.  A protective mask made of eggplant skin, a molecular olive, a flag of Palestine made of watermelon - and this is not the whole list of a real artist working with food. Person who creates the impossible - Omar Sartawi.

One of the latest works of Omar is Palestinian flag from all the elements of watermelon

All the colours of the palestine flag made out of all the parts of watermelon. This work is to salute when rhe Palestinians where baned from carrying flag as a part of resilience, so instead they started carrying watermelon to represent the flag as it shares the same colours.
Omar Sartawi