Art has no boundaries

Art works of three Palestinian artists - Rula Halawani, Samia Halaby, and Sama Alshaibi will be exhibited at Cosmoscow Contemporary Art Fair 2021, which will take place on September 18-20 at Manege in Moscow.

You can find the works of the following artists in private collections around the world as well as on the walls of Center Pompidou in Paris, the British Museum in London, the Guggenheim Museum in New York, at Venice Biennale, and in other famous art locations.

Samia Halaby is recognized as a pioneer of abstract painting.
She currently lives and works in New York. Many of her works are inspired by the landscapes of Palestine and the USA, some of her works were also inspired by Russian constructivists, traditional Arabic art, and Islamic architecture.
In the late 90th, Halaby started experimenting with electronic art and created programs that would allow viewers to witness the process of live computerized painting. She used it to perform life with musicians.
Samia has contributed a lot to the documentation of Palestinian art of the 20th century through her work “Liberation Art of Palestine” and curated exhibitions of Palestinian Art in the US.
A Squirell Flying, 2020/Samia Halaby

Rula Halawani was born at East Jerusalem, she began her career as an independent photojournalist in different newspapers and magazines. She started her artistic career by registering the difficulties of living under a protracted political conflict, tedious moments of attempting to perform daily tasks under the restrictions of military occupation.
Her recent works are focused on architecture, lives, and history that can still be found in details, whether in the material culture of Palestinian society or the transformed landscapes of her childhood.
Untitled 2, For My Father Series, 2015/Rula Halawani

Sama Alshaibi was born in Basra to an Iraqi father and a Palestinian mother.
She is a conceptual artist and works with such forms as video art, sculpture, installation, and performative photography.
Her works are mainly focused on such topics as war, exile, power, and the way of survival.
Her project Silsila was exhibited at the Venice Biennale.
Silsila, 2017/Sama Alshaibi