Skateboarding unites

In 2014, the first skatepark on the West Bank opened in Zebabdeh. It was created by the Edinburgh-based non-governmental organization SkatePal. Its founder, skateboarder Charlie Davis, came to Palestine in 2006 and volunteered to teach children English and music lessons. He took a skateboard with him, and over time, he began to notice that skateboarding is of great interest to children. Since then, he has hatched the idea of building a skatepark for the locals. He was helped in the construction by engineering students at the University of Edinburgh. 
During the existence of the organization, SkatePal has built 4 skate parks and organized 2 summer camps in Palestine.

In 2015, a video was released about the opening of the skatepark: Epicly Palestine'd: the Birth of Skateboarding in the West Bank. The film shows that skate culture knows no boundaries and is, among other things, a way to relax a little and get away from the fight.

«Skateboarding is not for a specific type of person, skateboarding is for everyone no matter what religion, colour or place, it’s for everyone.» 
Malak, local volunteer in Ramallah