Сulture Dialogues


Diana Al Shaer is the founder and inspirer of PaliRus, author of Dialogue YouTube show, international Grand Prix dressage rider, and sports diplomat representing Palestine. Diana is from a multicultural family: her father is Palestinian, her mother is Russian. Her grandfather was the first Palestinian ambassador to the Soviet Union, with Diana's father following in his footsteps, succeeding this post after him.

«Palestine is a very bright country with its centuries-old culture, customs, and many talented people: poets, directors, artists, designers, chefs — the list is endless. Palestine has a very rich culture but there is lack of information about it in the Media. Having gathered a creative team around us, we set a goal — to become a media bridge between my two native countries, Russia and Palestine. Wish us luck and welcome to what is just the beginning on this unforgettable journey with PaliRus.»