Palestine at the Venice Biennale

For the first time in its history, the exhibition of Palestinian art “From Palestine with Art” took place in the Venice Biennale presented by the Palestinian Museum US and its founder Faisal Saleh.

This is what Saleh said about the purpose of the exhibition: “Palestinian art is the most effective way to tell the world the Palestinian story. We hope to show the world that, despite living in exile and the most difficult conditions of occupation, Palestinian artists are able to succeed and create inspiring works of art that glorify the beauty of Palestine, the strength of its people and its rich cultural heritage.”

It will be possible to see the works of 19 Palestinian artists during the next seven months - paintings, sculptures, installations, and the Palestinian music will immerse you even more into Palestinian ambience.
The exhibition runs from April 23 to November 27 at the Palazzo Mora in Venice.