Attention cancellation

On February 10, 2024, an exhibition by 87-year-old Palestinian artist Sania Halaby was supposed to open at Indiana University in Bloomington, however, it was suddenly canceled on the eve of the opening. The exhibition was prepared for about three years, it was supposed to exhibit about 35 abstract works for the entire creative career of Samia Halaby. The email stated as the reason for the cancellation: "due to security reasons."

Samia Halaby was born in 1936 in Jerusalem. However, in 1951, her family moved to the United States due to the unstable situation in Palestine. There, she enrolled at Indiana University and received a master's degree in painting. In the 1970s, Samia received international recognition for her unique style and became the first female associate professor at the Yale University School of Art.

Jordanian-Palestinian photographer and filmmaker Munir Atallah filmed a short interview with Samia Halaby, in which she talks about her creative path.

Photo: Lara Atallah
Film by Munir Atalla.

Music by Forestdance Ensemble directed by Kevin Nathaniel
Hasan Bakr, percussion and voice
Famoro Dioubate, bala (xylophone)
Tomchess, oud
Tomas Rodriguez, guitar
Kevin Nathaniel, mbira, shekere, voice

Recorded live in performance with Samia Halaby by Greg Kage, May 21, 2019