Tatreez - is a part of UNESCO

Palestinian traditional tatreez embroidery was included in the UNESCO cultural heritage.

We are very pleased with such news, tatreez is not just embroidery, it is an art form, a language of expression, and, of course, a symbol of Palestine. Tatreez unites generations, because mothers teach their daughters from an early age, and they pass on their knowledge and skills to their daughters. Now there are many organizations around the world that are reviving this tradition. Women of different ages come together and learn to embroider in different techniques, each region has its own symbols and patterns. For example, the Tatreez&Tea project has launched online courses for those who do not have the opportunity to attend classes in person. The founder of the project, Feryal Abbasi-Gnaim, has been teaching embroidery since the 1970s and this is what she says about her craft: "When I embroider, I feel a closer with the Motherland." So at no age is it too late to take a needle and thread and embroider your first tatreez cross!
Photo: @tatreezandtea @ramz.embroidery