Glass world

Glassblowers from Palestine create interior items that resemble more objects of modern art. Fine handwork using the most ancient technologies is still relevant today, traditions are being reflected in modern vision of an architect and visual artist Dima Srouji.
In 2016 Dima returned back to Palestine to the city of Jaba, where she met the Twam family - hereditary glassblowers. She was amazed by their skill and offered to work together. Such a collaboration with one of the oldest family-owned glass manufacturing enterprises in Palestine turned out to be very productive. Almost immediately they had a super match. They decided to combine traditional processes with modern ideas, the fruits of this beautiful collaboration are the glass products you can see today.
What is known about the history of glass is that glassblowing was actually invented in Palestine in the early years of the Roman Empire. The glass was made from river sand, which was really rich in minerals. There are archaeological excavations that prove that the early production of raw glass used for blowing originates in the vicinity of the city of Akka. Some of these techniques still exist today, for example, the architecture of the glass furnace has not changed much since the Roman Empire, and you can still find the same furnace in Hebron.
Dima Sroudzhi from an interview for GQ Middle East