Music pause

In 1993, the National Conservatory of Palestine (ESNCM) was opened under the wing of the Board of Trustees of Birzeit University. This was a significant event for the entire Palestinian music community as they had the opportunity to receive professional education and share their experiences with musicians from other countries.

The first branch was opened in Ramallah, with 40 people enrolled. Gradually, new branches were created, and in 2017, the Tchaikovsky Music School became the sixth branch of the ESNCM. Today, more than a thousand students study in various branches, with an additional 580 in children's choirs.

The Bethlehem branch of the National Conservatory, officially opened on September 14, 2012, is another place for cultural exchange among young Palestinian musicians. The architectural project was undertaken by the Palestinian bureau AAU Anastas, which incorporated the cultural code and traditional values of the region into their work on the National Conservatory in Bethlehem. The concept of the project combines functional architecture that considers the modern lifestyle of Palestinians while also paying homage to historical traditions.
Photo by Mikaela Burstow, Simon Bauchet