Tatreez and Art

Follow us to a breathtaking collection of Palestinian Tatreez and Art of Dr. Arwa Al Shaer.

It took many years of patience to collect all these items together and an exceptional taste of the owner made them come together and create such a harmonical space. Antique Thobes, accessories, embroidery, furniture, art works by Ismail Shammout, Tamam Al-Akhal, Imad Abu Shtayyah, Mustafa al-Hallaj and Arwa Al Shaer herself. The walls are covered with different Tatreez patterns, wooden Jerusalem Old Town doors and different kinds of accessories. Contemporary designers managed to implement embroidery into furniture and gave it a modern touch, tables are covered with traditional Palestinian dining sets and tablecloth. Tatreez as art and lifestyle, you can truly see it in all its best forms.