Palestine is a region with a rich heritage. Despite its diversity of traditions and an increasing number of artistic initiatives, we believe that the Palestinian culture is under-represented on the global stage.
Exploring cultural codes at PaliRus, we analyze the role of Palestine in the global creative community. We aim to initiate effective cultural communication through dialogue with artists and forward thinkers from various backgrounds.
and education
Share news on art and culture, stories about creative people, introduce our literature and philosophy, and teach the world how to cook dishes of Palestinian cuisine.
What we do
Implement cultural exchange between Palestine and other countries. Encourage artists, musicians, directors, designers, journalists, and other creative professionals from all over the world how to cooperate and create new projects. Organize lectures, workshops, and meetings. Provide info and media support to NGOs.
and popularization
Stimulate interest in Palestinian culture, take part in partner and charity events, develop our own brand identity, and produce clothing and home accessories.
United by ideas of humanism, we aim to forge a bond between different cultures and thereby foster creative collaboration.
Meet our team
Founder and mastermind
Creative producer, project manager
Diana Al Shaer
Maria Mironova
Anna Burgutina
Alex Khotyancev
Marketing, project manager
Video director
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